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Tuesday, July 19

A Classified Mission

The Enterprise is at warp, heading to our next mission. Unfortunately, this one is classified. We are under orders not to divulge our location, or our destination. So, unfortunately for us here in the PR office, we're on silent running as far as mission commentary is concerned. But we hope to still be sharing other content this week. We'll try to keep you entertained!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, July 17

Deyos Station: Better Luck Next Time

Well, it was an exciting Parrises Squares match yesterday afternoon, but, unfortunately, team Deyos Black beat Lieutenant Worf's team Enterprise Red -- by a landslide. Worf was not happy. Deyos Black did play fair, no rules were broken, we just couldn't pull out a win. Maybe next time.

As far as the Enterprise, repairs are almost complete. We're scheduled to leave Deyos Station tomorrow.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, July 15

Deyos Station: Parrises Squares Tournament

Earlier today, Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington and myself competed in a Parrises Squares competition on Deyos Station.

Tessa, myself, Lieutenant Tasha Yar, and two other Enterprise personnel made up Enterprise Blue, one of three teams from the USS Enterprise. Lieutenant (JG) Worf, our resident Klingon officer, was team captain of Enterprise Red.

Our team, Enterprise Blue, did well, but we were ultimately knocked out of the competition. We won our first match, defeating team Deyos Green. They had a rather tough-playing Bolian that almost sent us to a loss (and almost broke Tessa's arm too -- unintentionally, of course). But we recovered, and won by seven points. Lieutenant Yar has a mean arm, scoring twice from the top of the pyramid!

Unfortunately, we were trounced by team Deyos Black. There wasn't much we could do against a retired Starfleet Marine, an extraordinarily athletic Vulcan trader, and a brawny Klingon. But, there is still hope in bringing home bragging rights -- Lieutenant Worf's team Enterprise Red will be challenging Deyos Black tomorrow afternoon. Tessa and I will be watching from the bleachers. It should prove to be a thrilling game!

Come join us. 1400 hours in the Deyos Station Parrises Squares arena on deck 5.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, July 14

How To Play Parrises Squares

Parrises Squares is a challenging game of athletic skill. It consists of a large raised (padded) playing field with a 12-level pyramid in the center, and two ramped “end zones” on either end. Two eight-square defense grids separate the pyramid from the end zones. A round vertical hoop extends above the top of each end zone. Teams score points when one of their players throws or places a soccer-sized handball through their appropriate hoop.

There are two teams in Parrises Squares, with four players on each team. Every player wears a padded uniform featuring a color shared by all four players. Red, blue and yellow are the most common colors.

One player on each team is known as the keeper. He/she defends the opposing team’s goal, and must keep that team from putting the ball through the hoop. The keeper, however, must remain in either the eight squares on the defense grid or in the ramped end zone. He/she cannot participate in the offensive or defensive strategies taking place on the pyramid. The keeper is also equipped with a padded ion mallet designed to extend his/her reach in the case of thrown balls, or to help fight off any opponents that enter his/her defensive areas.

The other three players on a team comprise the core players. These players engage in offense and defense strategies as required. Their task is to keep the other team's players from crossing the pyramid and moving closer to their goal, while also tossing the ball between their fellow team-mates, in an attempt to cross the pyramid so that they can score on their own goal.

There are no limits to how long a player may hold the ball, however, a good offensive strategy is to keep tossing it between teammates to move it across the field faster, and to minimize fumbling when tackled by the opposing team.

Players score for their team by doing one of two things: they throw the ball from anywhere on the field, and it goes through their goal hoop, or, they rush it past the opposing keeper, and place the ball directly through the hoop. Balls thrown from the top of the pyramid, that go through the hoop, score seven points. Balls thrown from anywhere else on the field score three points. Balls placed through the hoop in the ramped end zone score ten points.

If a ball goes out of play, a replacement is immediately tossed in from the sidelines. It enters play at the same place it left the field. Any player may recover the ball and continue the game.

There is a wall on the sides of the pyramid so that players are forced to go up and over the pyramid to get to the other side. A padded pit exists outside both sides of the playing field to minimize injury from players falling off the pyramid. If a player falls off the field into the pit, they must re-enter the playing field by way of the access ramp on their side of the pyramid. Game play continues while a player is returning to the field, so their absence is an advantage to the opposing team.

Only one offensive player may enter their team's ramped end zone. And only the keeper may defend within that end zone. However, if the scoring player falls off the playing field, another teammate my jump down onto the end zone and attempt to score in their absence. The other three defending players must remain on the playing field.

A standard game of Parrises Squares consists of four quarters of fifteen minutes each, with breaks of five minutes between each quarter. Substitute players may be swapped into play during any of those five minute quarter breaks. If a player is injured and unable to finish the quarter, a substitute (if available) may enter the game. If there are no substitute players remaining, the other team must choose one of their four players to leave the game. Both teams must always have an equal number of players on the field.

The team that scores the most points by the end of the fourth quarter wins. If games are tied after four quarters, additional 15-minute quarters are added until one team finishes the game with more points.

Tuesday, July 12

Laser Tag With The Marines

The Enterprise Marines hosted a rousing game of laser tag today with the ship's children. They taught the kids about Enterprise Company, showed them some basic tactics, even made some new friends. It's all part of "Meet The Marines" week down in Marine Country. If you'd like to learn more about Enterprise Company marines, stop down and say hi this week. They'd love to meet you!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, July 11

Repairs At Deyos Station

The USS Enterprise has arrived at Deyos Station, a non-aligned repair facility, to undergo a few minor repairs following our propulsion experiences with The Traveler. The Enterprise experienced damage to its warp engines as well as a number of areas on the external hull. The drydocks at Deyos Station are too small to accommodate a Galaxy-class starship, but we have negotiated parking beneath the station for full servicing.

The repair process is expected to take about a week. In the meantime, families and crew (those not participating in repairs) have been granted leave to visit the station.

Deyos Station is not a large facility, but it does contain a variety of entertainment options including: a casino and gaming hall run by a boisterous Romulan, Parrises Squares courts, a moderate-sized shopping center, a galactic frontier museum, and private rental holosuites. Temporary lodgings are available in separate residential structures.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, July 4

Fireworks For Independence

A few dozen Enterprise crew, civilians and children have gathered in Holodeck 2 to watch a fireworks display over the Grand Canyon on Earth. These fireworks are in celebration of the American Independence Day. If you have time time, come join us!

The fireworks may be simulated, but they're the best fireworks aboard the Enterprise!

-Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington

Enterprise Company Marines

Did you know: There are Starfleet Marines stationed aboard the Enterprise. In fact, every Starfleet vessel has a company of Starfleet Marines assigned to it. Here aboard the USS Enterprise, our ground troops are known as "Enterprise Company", and are based out of deck 6 in an area known as "Marine Country".

There are currently 52 Marines serving aboard the USS Enterprise, organized into two platoons of 25 soldiers each. Their job is to help safeguard the ship, and provide combat assets when needed -- usually in hostile planetary situations. Enterprise security personnel handle shipboard police matters, while the Marines are the go-to force in military away team operations.

This image features the logo and uniform patch of Enterprise Company.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, July 3

Where No One Has Gone Before

Wow! What an amazing past 24 hours it has been!

Peter Kosinski's warp tests on the Enterprise have been both an awe-inspiring success, and an utter and complete failure.

To begin with, something unpredictable happened during the initial test, and the Enterprise was propelled 2.7 milion light years away from our position alongside the USS Fearless. Yes, MILLION! The star charts indicate that we were sent to the "M-33 Galaxy" -- two entire galaxies away from our own!

Oh how thrilling it would have been to have stayed that far out, and explored the area a bit. But, alas, and rightly so, Captain Picard opted to have Kosinski repeat his calculations, and return us to our initial coordinates in the Federation.

Unfortunately, our attempt to return home backfired, and we were sent one BILLION light years in the other direction. That part of the universe, as you can see in this photo, was even MORE beautiful. And, apparently, that far out, what you think about, becomes real. Many of our crew had some personal experiences that you would never believe. I don't know where we were -- some nebula, perhaps -- but that place was.... it was beyond words.

We soon found out, though, that it wasn't Kosinski that sent us out there. He had nothing to do with our warp travels. It was his assistant, a man from the far distant Tau Alpha-C, who called himself, "The Traveler". He has the amazing ability to focus thought like a lens, and he uses that ability to explore the galaxy. We were lucky to experience the result of his abilities.

Of course, we couldn't stay that far out either, so, with great effort, "The Traveler" managed to return us to our coordinates near the Fearless. But the exhaustion of his effort also caused him to disappear -- to phase out, as Commander Riker reported in his official log entry. We were back where we started, but we also have plenty of sensor data from both distant locations to keep Starfleet busy for weeks!

As for Peter Kosinski, his work with Starfleet warp propulsion probably came to end. He lied to Starfleet, and claimed to be something he is not. Command isn't likely to appreciate that. But "The Traveler", on the other hand -- if he hadn't disappeared, I think many in Starfleet would have loved to get to know him -- and his species -- a whole lot better!

Yes, it has been an amazing 24 hours. I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything that we experienced. I will say this, though, THAT is why most of us joined Starfleet -- to explore space. To seek out new life, and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, July 2

Kosinski Warp Tests

The USS Enterprise has met up with the Excelsior-class USS Fearless. Propulsion specialist, Peter Kosinskiy, has transported aboard, and is preparing to complete a few upgrades on the Enterprise warp engines. The tests are intended to improve warp efficiency, and have already been successfully performed on the USS Fearless and the USS Ajax.

The first test on the warp engines will begin shortly.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer