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Tuesday, June 28

A New Chief Engineer

Please join us in congratulating the USS Enterprise's new Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Terence Argyle. The previous department head, Lieutenent Commander Sarah MacDougal accepted a new assignment on another Starfleet ship, and remained at Haven awaiting her transfer. Terence Argyle was promoted here on Enterprise, and assumes her position as Chief Engineer.

Congratulations, Commander!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

USS Enterprise-D Crew: Terence Argyle

Terence Argyle
USS Enterprise-D Chief Engineer


SPECIES: - Human
SEX: - Male

BIRTH DATE: - November 10, 2312

HOME PLANET: - Earth -- Sol System
PLACE OF BIRTH: - Edinburgh, Scotland // United Kingdom

CURRENT RANK: - Lieutenant Commander


USS ENTERPRISE: - 2364-present

MARRIED: - yes
CHILDREN: - two sons

Monday, June 27

Leave Ends; Duty Resumes

Other than the Terellian Plague scare, it has been a relaxing few days of leave here at planet Haven. But, all good things must come to an end. Enterprise crew are returning to the ship, and preparations are underway to resume regular duty shifts. We will be breaking orbit and moving on to our next mission at 08:00 tomorrow morning.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, June 23

Events at Planet Haven

To the joy of some, and the sadness of others, there will be no wedding of Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi and her bonded mate, Wyatt Miller. The wedding tomorrow has been called off.

Earlier today, a Terellian Plague ship attempted to make landfall at Haven. As most of us are aware, the Terellian Plague is highly contagious, and has unintentionally wiped out the populations of many planets. For this reason, Terellians are considered to be highly dangerous, and most have been hunted down and killed before they could infect others with their disease. This vessel today appears to have escaped that fate.

In order to protect the population of Haven, and to follow an unusual lifelong compulsion, Wyatt Miller has beamed over to the Terellian ship. He hopes that he, a doctor, can cure them. By doing so, however, he is now infected with their disease, and cannot return to the Enterprise, or Haven. As a result, Commander Troi has been released from her bonding vows.

We respect Wyatt Miller's choice, and we wish him well in his endeavor. However, we also know that many in the Federation have tried for years to cure the Terellian Plague, and none have yet succeeded. Mr. Miller has a long road ahead of him.

With the Terellian encounter resolved, and Commander Troi absolved of her childhood bonding vows, the crew of the Enterprise turns its attention back to our leave. We have a few more days here at Haven, after which we will resume our Starfleet assignments. Rumor has it that even Captain Picard himself will be enjoying some of the weekend on the planet.

For now, all appears to be as it should be. No disease, no epidemic, no unexpected wedding. Just leave, as we had originally planned.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, June 22

The Wedding of Deanna Troi and Wyatt Miller

The wedding of Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi and Wyatt Miller will take place on Friday, here aboard the USS Enterprise. We've been told that it will be an intimate ceremony in Ten Forward, with only family and close friends attending. A public reception will be held in the Enterprise Theater lounge following the ceremony.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, June 18

Haven, Leave And A Wedding

The Enterprise has arrived at Haven, and has begun offloading a few personnel and cargo. Shore leave has been granted, and the crew has already begun to beam down to the planet for a few days of leave and relaxation. The beauty and serenity of this planet is a hard vacation to pass up.

Of course, we also appear to have taken on a few guests as well. It would appear that our resident counselor, Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi, is going to be married during this visit. The human, Wyatt Miller, to whom she has been bonded since childhood, is at Haven; plans for the wedding have already begun.
-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, June 17

Starfleet Marine Uniforms, 2350-2365

Introduced in 2350 (alongside the standard Starfleet duty uniforms), these one-piece black jumpsuits are standard issue for all Starfleet Marine personnel. Field variations include a combat vest for added carrying capacity.

The shoulders of this uniform feature a gray and white disruptive digital camouflage design. Black collared undershirts are worn beneath the jumpsuit, and offset these gray shoulders. Unit patches are worn on the left sleeve. Rank patches are worn on the right sleeve. The Starfleet insignia combadge is worn on the left breast.

These uniforms open/close in the front, and are adaptable for away missions, including pockets to store tools, documents or other necessary small devices. Black protective helmets are worn in all ground combat situations.

The Marine dress uniform features a wrap-over black jacket with blue-gray quilted shoulders. A black belt is worn over a red sash, with matching red stripes on the cuff. Hard-framed service caps are worn in formal situations. Dress shoes are worn instead of standard duty combat boots.

Tuesday, June 14

A Planet Called Haven

The Enterprise is at warp, traveling to a planet known as Haven. We are traveling there to offload some personnel for crew transfer, as well as to enjoy our first shore leave since leaving Earth. It is said that Haven is a planet of remarkable beauty, intoxicating peacefulness, and mystical healing powers. We look forward to putting those claims to the test.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, June 12

Healing For Styris IV

The USS Enterprise has arrived at Styris IV. The vaccine from Ligon II has been transported down to the planet, and is in the hands of the medical personnel treating the planet-wide outbreak of Anchilles Fever.

Styris IV is currently under quarantine, so no Enterprise personnel are allowed on the planet. We will, however, remain in orbit for a few hours, just in case we can be of service.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, June 11

Vaccine Acquired; Vendetta Resolved

Our Enterprise Marines returned to the ship earlier today with the much needed vaccine for Styris IV. It was taken by force, after Ligonian leader, Lutan, ordered war upon the Enterprise for not allowing him to force Lieutenant Yar to be his wife. Five Marines were injured in the operation, but they will all survive. There were no Marine casualties.

We can't say the same for the Ligonians. Their combat personnel were not as well-trained as our soldiers, and many were wounded or killed. Lutan, is among the dead. He has been replaced by his royal wife -- who inherits the throne of Ligon II in his absence.

After assuming power, she has halted all attacks on the Enterprise and its crew, and has negotiated peace and cooperation with Captain Picard. She has provided us with all of the vaccine that we need. We have, in return, offered medical assets to help those who were wounded in Lutan's vendetta.

The Enterprise is now on its way -- at high warp -- to deliver the vaccine to Styris IV.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, June 10

Ligonian Treachery

Well, that took a turn for the unexpected.

Apparently, down on the planet, Captain Picard honored the Ligonian code requiring him to ask -- respectfully -- for the return of Lieutenant Yar. Unfortunately, the stubborn Ligonian leader, Lutan, betrayed his own cultural requirements, and refused. He appears to have become smitten with Lieutenant Yar, and selfishly intended to force her to be his wife.

Lutan's current royal wife, disagreed, and demanded the right to challenge Lieutenant Yar to a fight to the death -- with the winner earning the right to be Lutan's wife.

Captain Picard refused to allow the challenge, and demanded the return of Lieutenant Yar. Lutan, in response, became angry, and declared that there would be no vaccine for the Federation, and he forbid the return of Lieutenant Yar under any circumstances.

Captain Picard appears to have had enough by this point. He contacted the Enterprise, and he, Lieutenant Commander Troi, and Lieutenant Yar beamed up to the ship.

Lutan then hailed the Enterprise, declaring war on Captain Picard and the Enterprise for defying his royal wishes. He sent a few of his planetary defense ships to attack the Enterprise but they were no match for the ship's firepower, and withdrew.

Following the attack, Captain Picard informed Lutan that he would respond in kind, and ordered the Marines stationed aboard the Enterprise to take the vaccine by force. At the moment -- right now -- the Enterprise Marines are on the planet securing and obtaining the vaccine. We've received reports of combat, but no word yet on the status of the operation.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, June 9

Ligonian Honor

After waiting a day to express patience (according to the Ligonian code of honor), Captain Picard was contacted by Lutan, the Ligonian leader. Captain Picard respectfully asked Lutan to return Lieutenant Yar, but Lutan stubbornly refused. Instead, he invited the Captain down to the planet as a guest of the Ligonians: "Come visit US, and we will return her."


I don't trust Lutan; I'm sure Captain Picard doesn't either. Whatever the case, both the Captain and Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi have beamed down to Ligon II. They are on the planet right now, seeking a diplomatic solution to both the abduction of Lieutenant Yar, and the acquisition of the much needed vaccine.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Wednesday, June 8

Lieutenant Yar Abducted

Well, this is disturbing. As the Ligonian diplomatic party was leaving the Enterprise, to beam back down to Ligon II, they abducted chief security/tactical officer, Lieutenant Natasha Yar. She is likely being held captive on the planet. Captain Picard is understandably furious.

This significantly complicates our diplomatic efforts with the Ligonians, and will probably delay our acquisition of the much needed vaccine.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Diplomacy At Ligon II

The USS Enterprise has arrived at the independent warp-capable Ligonian homeworld, Ligon II. Our mission is to obtain a rare vaccine needed to cure the deadly outbreak of Anchilles Fever on the Federation planet, Styris IV.

The inhabitants of Ligon II are very similar to old Earth tribes native to Africa. They are driven by honor, respect, and a long history of rituals and traditions.

Captain Picard has invited a delegation of Ligonian leaders aboard the Enterprise, and they are currently conversing in a VIP lounge. They have given the Enterprise a sample of the vaccine. Rumor has it that, in return, Captain Picard is presenting them with a gift of a rare ancient Chinese horse statue.

We hope the diplomacy taking place right now leads to a quick transfer of the necessary vaccine. Styris IV is already estimating the deaths -- without the vaccine -- to be in the millions. We certainly cannot allow that to happen.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Engineering Delay

Update: The USS Enterprise has slowed to a lower warp speed due to engineering maintenance, and will be arriving at Ligon II in the afternoon tomorrow.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, June 5

Anchilles Fever

We've just been informed that an epidemic of Anchilles Fever has broken out on the Federation planet, Stryris IV. Federation scientists are aware of a rare vaccine found only on Ligon II (in the independent Ligon System) that has been known to cure this disease. The Enterprise has been ordered to visit Ligon II in order to acquire a supply of this vaccine.

While this means we won't be able to observe the final stages of the collapse of the red supergiant star we've been monitoring, saving millions of Federation lives is clearly far more important.

ETA to Ligon II: Sometime on Tuesday.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Saturday, June 4

One More Day Near The Star

Captain Picard has decided to remain at our current coordinates for another day, so that we can continue monitoring the collapsing star.

The USS Archer (Miranda-class) has arrived, and will begin preparations to tow the SS Tsiolkovsky to the nearest starbase.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Friday, June 3

Lingering Effects

The USS Enterprise remains on station alongside the SS Tsiolkovsky following the polywater intoxication. The deceased crew of the Tsiolkovsky are being prepared for transport back to Earth, while the ship awaits the arrival of a Starfleet tug that will tow it to the nearest Starbase.

Aboard the Enterprise, we are returning to normal operations. A number of legal hearings are scheduled for select Enterprise crew following the intoxication, but everyone else appears to be cured and recovering nicely. It will likely be a while before all of the lingering effects of the incident are behind us.

In meantime, we continue to monitor the nearby collapsing star; various explosive corona events have proven to be a treasure trove of scientific data.

We are scheduled to depart these coordinates tomorrow, when the Starfleet relief vessels arrive.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Thursday, June 2

The Day After Intoxication

For those reading this, I need to apologize.

Yesterday, the Enterprise was "infected" by a mutated form of the Psi 2000 virus -- also known as the "polywater intoxication". While I don't remember most of yesterday, there is certainly enough evidence to indicate that I said and did a few things that were unbecoming of a Starfleet officer. I realize most of the crew was affected, and it wasn't something we could control, but still, I feel guilty for my actions, and I need to apologize to anyone that I may have hurt. I am the face -- a representative -- of the USS Enterprise, and I failed in presenting this ship in a positive light.

I am sorry.

While I wasn't involved in the following actions yesterday, five Enterprise crew members did lose their lives in all this -- two, apparently, were murdered, while the other three were the result of self-inflicted actions. Many personnel were injured in a variety of activities, emotions ran high, shame was abundant, and, I'm sure plenty of children were conceived. It wasn't a good start for the Enterprise or its reputation, and it will, no doubt, be a busy week for the JAG office.

But, on the plus side, everyone aboard the Enterprise has been treated and cured of this intoxication. Aside from the lingering consequences of this.... incident, life aboard the Enterprise is returning to normal.

On behalf of the PR office, and the crew of the USS Enterprise, I apologize for the actions and conduct observed aboard the USS Enterprise yesterday.

If there are any concerns from Starfleet Command, other personnel, or anyone aboard the Enterprise, we are available to address them. Please feel free to contact our office, or the office of Commander William Riker to set up a meeting.

Thank you.

-Lieutenant Samuel Archer

Wednesday, June 1

Cure Developed; Returning to Normal Operations

Doctor Crusher has synthesized a cure for the Psi 2000 infection running amok on the Enterprise. It is now being administered to all crew and personnel across all decks.

This medical issue is now under control.

The Enterprise will be returning to normal operation within a few hours.

-Commander William Riker
First Officer, USS Enterprise

Psi 2000 Virus: Under The Influence

:: This polymer-, polywa-, whatever, is loose all over the ship. But I don't mind. It makes me so happy! I feel so free.... no chains to hold me back. I like it! No, I lurrrve it!

There are so many pretty things on this ship -- pretty walls, pretty stars outside the windows.... pretty.... pretty girls.

Oh, Oh! You know, speaking of pretty... there's this one really pretty girl that I really like. Shhh, don't tell her. Her name is Tessa. I think I love her. I don't know if she loves me back, but I suppose I could go ask her. Right? Oooh! Maybe she'll kiss me! That would be.... that would be.... oh, yeah.... that would be amaaaazing! Have you ever been kissed by a pretty girl?

Yeah, I'm going to go find Tessa.

Maybe she's down in the dolphin tanks on deck 13 swimming with Aszalla. Naked! Haha! Naked. I bet Captain Picard would be mad about that. He doesn't like people swimming in the dolphin tanks.

I wonder if Sakkaan stopped crying yet? Vulcans never cry. Well, except this one. He's really sad. I think he lost his.... lost his..... I don't know, He lost something, I can't remember what it is.

Maybe Cassie can find it for him.

I'm going to go find my Tessa. I need a hug.


Tsiolkovsky Polywater Infection

Whatever happened to the crew of the SS Tsiolkovsky appears to be affecting the crew of the Enterprise now as well. Reports of infected personnel are coming in from all over the ship. Medical tests on the infected personnel, however, show nothing out of the ordinary -- no biological or viral contaminants of any kind. It is almost as if the affected crew are suffering from severe cases of spontaneous intoxication.

So far, there has been a sharp spike in public displays of affection all over the ship, a few reports of nudity and streaking on multiple decks, increased depression among usually cheerful individuals, a handful of spontaneous fistfights (some even being fought over the honor of a female crewmember), a complete lack of fear among some individuals trying to attempt dangerous daredevil stunts, three attempted raids on security weapons lockers, Vulcan crew exhibiting strong emotions, and a variety of other disturbing and uncharacteristic incidents.

Even two of our PR staff have become infected -- Ensigns Aszalla and Cassie Queen. I fear I may have been as well.

Lieutenant Commander Data, an artificial android (and therefore not susceptible) has discovered a connection to a similar affliction aboard the old Constitution-class USS Enterprise. Unfortunately, Doctor Crusher has found that the known cure for that historic affliction does not apply to us. Whatever we are facing has mutated into something much, much worse.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer