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Tuesday, May 31

The SS Tsiolkovsky

The USS Enterprise has arrived along-side the Federation science vessel, SS Tsiolkovsky, located near a collapsing star that it has been studying for the past eight months. Unfortunately, the news is not good -- something appears to have gone horribly wrong with the ship and her crew.

Captain Picard ordered an away team, led by Commander Riker, to beam over and investigate, and they have reported that all 80 crew members of the Tsiolkovsky are dead. There were signs of wild partying, violent fighting, and even murder. In addition, some crew members appear to have intentionally frozen themselves in their quarters, while still others have purposely blown themselves out into space.

The Enterprise crew is currently investigating the computer logs of the Tsiolkovsky, while the away team has returned to the Enterprise, has undergone decontamination protocols, and is currently being checked out in the Enterprise Medical Center.

It may be a few hours before we know any more details about what killed the Tsiolkovksy crew, but we'll post an update as soon as we hear anything. For now, our thoughts go out to the families of those science 80 personnel who lost their lives.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Monday, May 30

Memorial Day, 2363

Today, on Earth, in the United States of America (one of the nations of United Earth), 350 million Americans celebrate Memorial Day, a day that honors national military veterans who gave their lives in defense of their country. While established as a national holiday after the American Civil war 500 years ago, today, this day honors American soldiers who gave their lives in all wars, including the Eugenetics Wars, WWIII, the Earth-Romulan War of the 2160s, and the more recent Federation conflicts, including the Cardassian War(s).

The United States has a strong history and tradition of military service, both in defense of the United States itself, and as support personnel in defense of Earth. A large majority of personnel serving in Starfleet today are American citizens; and millions more, born on Federation colony planets, can trace their ancestry to the United States. I, myself, am an American citizen, as are many living here aboard the Enterprise. So, it seems appropriate that we stop and remember those American service men and women who have -- and still do -- sacrifice for the defense of Earth.

There was once, back in the 21st century, an American musician named Trace Adkins, who wrote a song titled, "Till The Last Shot's Fired", in honor of his nation's veterans. That song has, over the centuries that followed, become a haunting tribute to the fallen. I share that here, today, as we reflect upon those millions of American's who gave their lives so that Freedom, Liberty, and peace could prevail.

And while we honor those American sacrifices, today, we also reflect upon the millions more, from other nations on Earth, as well as the greater Federation as a whole, who have also done the same. History is full of moments of selfless decision, determined sacrifice, and sheer force of will for the safety, protection, and betterment of others. Americans -- Humans -- have led the way in the forging of peace and security, but the sacrifices of other planets in this same cause are no less honorable.

Today we remember those fallen. Today we remember how their sacrifices -- their choices to remain in harm's way "until the last shot's fired" -- have secured peace and unity on Earth and across the Federation. Today we play taps, we salute the fallen, we lower flags in respect.... we visit the graves of veterans. We remember what it took to forge the peace we enjoy today.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Sunday, May 29

Welcome Aboard The USS Enterprise-D!

Alright Federation, let's do this!

Welcome aboard the new USS Enterprise, Galaxy-class starship, Starfleet registry, NCC-1701-D. Launched from Earth McKinley Station less than two months ago, we are the the new flagship of Starfleet, and the fifth starship to carry the name, Enterprise.

Big shoes.... big ship!

My name is Sam Archer -- I'm one of the Public Relations officers aboard this new vessel. It will be my job, along with my colleagues, to represent the Enterprise to the rest of the Federation. We are the public face of this ship. We will be reporting on ship news, missions, updates, even shipboard life. If it relates to the Enterprise, and can be shared with the public, it comes through our office.

As such, you'll be getting to know all of us rather well in the coming weeks and months. We'll all be posting content, both here, and on our official Facebook page. Be kind; aside from our department head, Lieutenant Commander Sakkaan, this is the first PR posting for all of us. To say we're a little excited would be an understatement, but we're definitely up to the challenge.

Big ship..... big shoes!

For now, feel free to familiarize yourself with our website, our Facebook page, this beautiful ship. Read through our recent posts, take a video tour of the Enterprise..... or click on our short biography/photo links on the right-hand column. There's plenty of content to get you started. But it's just the tip of the iceberg. We're here, we're online -- we're ready to go!

Welcome aboard the Enterprise!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

Tuesday, May 24

Starfleet Uniforms, 2350-2365

Introduced in 2350 (with the current combadge design entering service four years earlier, in 2346), these one-piece, form-fitting uniforms are standard issue for all Starfleet personnel serving on starships, space stations, and planetary bases.

The uniform color corresponds to the individual's service department -- red for command personnel, pilots, and helm officers; gold for operations and security; and blue for science and medical. Piping on the shoulders, collar and pant cuffs match the uniform color.

The Starfleet insignia combadge is worn on the left breast, with rank insignia -- in the form of round pips -- below the collar on the right side.

These uniforms open/close in the front, and are adaptable for away missions, including areas to attach phasers, tricorders, or other necessary small devices.

Introduced along side the standard uniform jumpsuits in 2350, this skirt-style uniform is an optional uniform available to all female Starfleet personnel. This style consists of a short-sleeved dress which is worn with knee-high black boots.

Like its jumpsuit counterpart, the Starfleet insignia combadge is worn on the left breast, with rank pips fastened below the collar on the right side.

This uniform is standard issue for all Starfleet admirals and high-ranking flag officers. It consists of a short tunic in the officer's department color, with a distinct wedge of black material extending from the right shoulder down to the left waist. Gold braid is featured on the yoke, shoulders and collar. The Starfleet combadge is worn on the left breast with rank insignia worn on the black right-shoulder sash. Military medals can be pinned below the rank insignia.

This uniform serves as the standard-issue Starfleet dress uniforms. They consist of a long, wrap-around department color tunic worn over the standard duty uniform. A band of gold braid runs the entire length of the jacket enclosure.

The Starfleet insignia combadge is worn on the left breast, with rank pips and insignia worn on the narrowest point of the black fabric on the right shoulder (just below the gold braid).

Monday, May 23

A Video Tour of the Enterprise-D

Come take a brief video tour of the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D.

You will arrive aboard a shuttlecraft, disembark in the massive Main Shuttlebay, and then explore a few areas of the upper saucer, including a cargo bay, spacious crew lounges, typical corridors and stairwells, the Command Bridge, Captain Picard's ready room, the senior staff conference room, even a quick visit inside a lifeboat/ escape pod.

Come take a peek at the beauty we call home. Welcome aboard!

Please click the arrow on the video below to begin your tour.

And, before you leave this page, please enjoy a few specifics about our magnificent ship!

VESSEL NAME: -- USS Enterprise
CLASS: -- Galaxy
MISSION: -- Exploration

CONSTRUCTED: -- Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards, Mars, Sol System

LAUNCHED: -- Stardate 40795.5 -- (December 8, 2362) -- Utopia Planetia, Mars
COMMISSIONED: -- Stardate 41025.5 -- (March 10, 2363) -- Earth Station McKinley
FIRST MISSION: -- Farpoint Station, Deneb IV -- (April 30, 2363)

CLASS LINEAGE: -- 3rd in class

LENGTH: -- 642.5 m
WIDTH: -- 463.7 m
HEIGHT: -- 137.5 m

DECKS: -- 42

CREW: -- 1,000

MAX SPEED: -- Warp 9.2 cruising speed; 9.6 for 12 hours

CARGO CAPACITY: -- 975,000 metric tons
SHUTTLECRAFT: -- 40 (various types)
SHUTTLEPODS: -- 12 (type 15); 4 travel pods

WEAPONS: -- Phasers and Torpedoes

Photo and video source: Enterprise-D Construction Project.

Sunday, May 22

About The USS Enterprise-D Real-Time Story

The USS Enterprise-D is a social, fan-produced Star Trek series, set in the TNG era. All content within the story is posted as if it were being shared by those who work in the Public Relations Office aboard the USS Enterprise-D in the year 2363.

The purpose of this story is to retell the events of the popular television series, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" -- as they happen -- in real time. In other words, today's real life date corresponds with the same date in the year 2363. By doing this, all who follow this story are able to experience the Star Trek universe in a whole new socially-driven way.

Within this story format, we cover a unique perspective on the events of the TNG television series, immersive daily life aboard the USS Enterprise-D, and new character stories that are sure to capture your attention. In addition, those who follow our story are encouraged to become a member of the Enterprise-D crew, and participate in her episodes, missions and adventures. Enterprise deck listings, notable crew, and other resources have been made available to our readers for this purpose. 

Additional resources will be shared as the story progresses.

Ideally, if all goes well, our social story will last at least seven years, and cover the entirety of the USS Enterprise's service life -- as seen in the canon Star Trek Universe.

Our ongoing story is told through character updates, both here on our website, as well as in social posts on our Facebook page. Since the content we share will not always be the same on both sites, if you wish to follow the entire story,  you will need to pay attention to both locations. 

Like our Facebook page, and make sure we show up in your news feed.  

Bookmark our website, and visit our resources often.

You should also be able to follow both our website and Facebook Page updates on all of your mobile devices. Our story is set up to go with you, wherever you go.

Story Adjustments

Please note: while we do intend to honor canon Star Trek as much as possible, we will also be taking a few practical liberties within our story. This perspective allows for an element of plausible unpredictability to the Star Trek story we all know and love. It also allows us to take a practical approach to the existing canon, and correct some of the lingering inconsistencies for the sake of better storytelling.

In addition to those practical story liberties, some altered perspectives include:

  • Faith and Religion. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, dismissed all organized religions during his life. He believed that, by the 24th century, contemporary Earth religions would have died out, leaving a secular, non-religious future. Much of his guidance over Star Trek follows this belief. While we respect this view, the truth of human existence is far different. There will always be a wide variety of human faiths and religions -- no matter how secular human society becomes. One of those faiths, Christianity, plays a strong part in our Enterprise-D story (as will religious faiths from other human cultures and alien species).

  • Money and Economy. In the Star Trek Universe, it has been established that the acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force for humanity. While this, too, is a strong part of Star Trek, in our story, we take a more realistic approach. Just like in the real world, there will always be wealth-driven economies and financial transactions. There will always be money (no matter what form that takes). As a result, those who are employed within the Federation -- including Starfleet -- are paid for their time, service and skills. Payment for all Starfleet personnel is in the form of digital credits -- a futuristic currency, but a currency nonetheless.

  • Star Trek Chronology. Over the past 50 years of Star Trek, a vast and vibrant canon universe has been created. Many writers, artists, and performers have contributed years of fascinating details to that universe. But that universe, like any vast fictional universe, is not without it's contradictions and flaws. At times, we will seek to offer explanations for some of these contradictions. And these explanations are likely to provide a few alternate perspectives to the canon Star Trek that we all know and love. Despite this, though, we do not seek to rewrite Star Trek, but rather, help it make more sense within the confines of our Enterprise-D story. 

Details are very important to us! We love Star Trek. We respect its story and production history, and we wish -- more than anything -- to see it continue in popular culture for many decades to come. We are taking the Star Trek we all know and love, and combining it with a new socially-driven story format. We are a new twist on an old story.

How YOU Can Participate

Okay, so, here's the fun part. You can be part of our story as well.

There are a few rules, though, which we ask all participants to follow. These rules are in place to promote organization, fairness, and give everyone a common set of realistic boundaries. We know Star Trek fans, and we know how eager you are to be part of something great within the Trek universe. But..... every great story still has its practical boundaries.

This is what we ask from you:

  • Let us drive the overall story. Yes, most fans have already seen all of the Star Trek episodes. You know what happens in each season of the show. You know what will eventually happen to the canon characters; you know the fate of the Enterprise-D; you know about the Dominion War. But in our story, we don't know any of that yet. It hasn't happened. So, rule #1, don't jump the gun. Don't foretell the future. -- We will not hesitate to remove and ban participants who intentionally disregard this rule. Let the story play out. The future will happen when it happens.

  • Be surprised. React to what happens. Our story is happening in real time, so part of the thrill of our adventure is in seeking to emulate the concept of not knowing what will happen. Yes, we (those of us telling this story) will certainly be adding unexpected events, missions and plotlines in order to keep things fresh and new, but when news breaks about something you expect to happen, be surprised. React accordingly. Learn and explore the story for the first time all over again!

  • There is no such thing as "anything goes". Please use common sense. You are a participant in OUR story. The Enterprise-D is not a story centered around you or your character. It is a story about the collective crew of the Enterprise-D -- its episodes, adventures and daily shipboard life (as told by the personnel of the PR office). React to what happens, participate as your chosen character, play in our sandbox, but be respectful, be realistic, and don't try to become the main character. We'll reward deserving fans. -- We'll also remove those who don't play fair. Cooperation makes for a better story. If you have questions, you can always send us a message on our Facebook page.

  • No ranks higher than Lieutenant. I know many Star Trek fans love to imagine themselves as high-ranking personnel. But the truth of the matter is, in our story, the USS Enterprise already has a senior staff. The high ranks are already filled -- by Captain Picard, Riker, Data, etc. Anyone else on the Enterprise is either of a lower rank, or a civilian living aboard-ship. There may be special permissions granted to certain story participants, but almost everyone holds a rank below the senior staff. And not everyone can be a full Lieutenant.

  • Don't be afraid to be a non-commissioned character. Non-commissioned characters are not officers. They are the people that enlist in Starfleet, go through basic training, and carry naval ranks like, "Crewman", "Petty Officer", etc. The majority of personnel in Starfleet -- just like in the real life military -- are non-commissioned; they never attended an officer academy.

  • Pick a service department and locate your crew quarters. But be aware of the quarters limitations as noted on our deck layout pages. Most crew will share quarters with someone else. And most crew are assigned quarters near their service department. There are also only a small handful of one-person crew quarters (and even fewer one-person crew quarters with exterior ship windows). The highest ranking personnel on the ship are given the luxurious crew quarters with exterior windows. Most crew will have windowless interior quarters.

  • Understand that you are not likely to be listed on our resource pages. This isn't anything personal. Who your character is, what they do on the Enterprise-D, where their quarters are located, all of those fun details, are for your own use. As much as we would love to give everyone the spotlight,  constantly updating our resource pages to include everyone as they enter and leave our story is time-consuming -- especially for a crew of 1,000 people. We welcome you to participate in our social story, we'll respect your choices (so long as they are reasonable and abide by these rules), but know that we have to be selective about who/what gets recorded. However, YOU can certainly keep track of these details on your own, if you wish. In fact, that's a good idea, as it may help to enhance your overall Enterprise-D story experience!

  • Please do not create new Federation alien species. We have already put together a list of all Federation member planets in our story, as well as starbases, space stations, and Starfleet ships. A non-Starfleet Federation ship list is currently in the works as well. -- Yes, we have a VAST collection of behind-the-scenes story resources that we are using to tell this story. -- All details are primarily built upon canon information, however, we have filled things out a bit where canon is limited, or where special details are necessary. If your chosen character is non-human, please confine him/her to a Federation species that is among the canon species of Star Trek. Again, if you have questions, or seek input or permission for something, please send us a message on our Facebook page.

  • The main TNG characters are not available to control. They are background characters -- characters that we will post about from the perspective of our PR characters. Our Enterprise-D story is, in essence, a "lower decks" kind of story. Most of us won't interact directly with Commander Riker, Captain Picard or the others. They have their duties aboard ship -- duties we look up to. They do their thing, we do ours. And from time to time, when a mission or event allows, we'll open up select senior staff interaction opportunities. In your own character participation, as our story progresses, please don't become too chummy with the senior staff. 

  • Please leave the real debates outside of our story. This is a fun, social, Star Trek story environment. Real world politics, current events, and other hot-topic debates belong elsewhere -- on debate forums and message boards -- not our website or Facebook page. Let's stay in-story, please.

  • And finally, spam will not be tolerated. Don't even try. This is not the place to promote your ebay store, your cheap "discount" pharmaceuticals, your "dating" services, or your personal websites. Please respect us, and the purpose of our story. Those who choose to ignor this request, will have their spam content deleted, and will be permanently removed, blocked or banned.

We think this Enterprise-D story will be a lot of fun. After all, it's Star Trek; we all love Star Trek! There are a lot of great opportunities within this environment, and a rich tapestry of events will occur. Let's see where this goes. Let's see what happens. Let's see what's out there!

-Jon Baas
Story Director
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