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Friday, October 21

The Cost of Rescue

I have some more tragic news to report.

Lieutenant Natasha Yar is dead.

Our Chief Security officer, and two other Enterprise crewmen have been lost while trying to save the lives of others. The unknown vessel trapped in the gravity well exploded after a sudden power surge in the engineering section. Lieutenant Yar, a security ensign, a medical officer, and 92 civilians were still aboard at the time.

Just before the explosion, our rescue team had been preparing to beam back the first group of survivors. We almost had a solid transporter lock on the entire group. But then the damaged engines went critical (probably due to a loss of containment around the damaged engines), and our transporters were only able to secure five bio signs -- Commander Riker, a second medical officer, and three passengers. Everyone else perished.

All we can do now, is watch as the debris from the ship is about to be consumed by the center of the anomaly.

Our rescue mission has come to an abrupt halt. Lives have been lost, only three survivors were rescued, and our own attempts to break free from the anomaly have failed. Our warp engines burned out in the attempt, and the explosion of that other ship appears to have added strength to the pull of the anomaly.

The Enterprise is about to be consumed now as well. We've sent out our own distress call, but there are no other ships close enough to reach us before the anomaly claims another starship.

We'll keep communicating as long as we can, but this may be the last day that you will hear from us, here in the Enterprise Public Affairs Office. Please pray for a miracle. We need one.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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