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Tuesday, October 25

Remembering Lieutenant Natasha Yar

A few hours ago, the USS Melbourne (Excelsior-class) arrived at our location to ferry the "parents" of Lieutenant Natasha Yar back to Earth. Lieutenant Yar lost her life while trying to rescue the crew of the unknown ship that had become trapped in the anomaly before us. She was still aboard that ship when it exploded.

Lieutenant Yar's real parents were killed on Turkana IV when she was five years old. She barely knew them. These "parents" were created as a "gift" by Commander Riker when he had the "powers of Q". For reasons we may never know, they remained in existence after the Commander lost his powers, just as my own friend Nevaeh has. These parents felt the same loss at Lieutenant Yar's passing as the rest of us have. With her gone, and no body to bury, they have chosen to move to Earth and start a new life.

Lieutenant Yar will be missed by many of us. She was a fine Starfleet officer, and one whom many believe had an extraordinarily bright future. She lost her life in the line of duty -- doing her job. And she has been honored for that service, and sacrifice. A memorial was held this afternoon in the Enterprise Chapel. Many among the crew were in attendance, including all of us here in the Public Affairs office.

We do not yet know who Captain Picard will choose to replace Lieutenant Yar, but many expect that it will be Lieutenant (JG) Worf, our resident Klingon. Lieutenant Worf worked closely with Lieutenant Yar while serving as a bridge relief officer. He is the most likely candidate to fill her position.

We will, of course, post the announcement once one is made public. In the meantime, we will continue to move forward following the loss of three more crew, and an unexpected trip through time.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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