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Monday, October 10


From the Personal Facebook Page of: Lieutenant Sam Archer

I have been holding off on sharing this publicly for a week, but, I think the time has come for me to tell others. I haven't known how to share this either, so please bear with me. This is both challenging for me, as well as.... embarrassing.

Nine days ago, the being known as "Q" gave supernatural powers to Commander Riker. That power corrupted our First Officer, and caused him to leave the Enterprise in order to live in the "Q Continuum". Commander Riker came to his senses a few days later, and returned to the Enterprise (without his powers), but there are still a few lingering consequences to the Commander's actions that some of us will have to live with.

Before Commander Riker left the Enterprise, he changed a few things with his "Q powers". Most of those changes were reversed, but a "gift" he gave me remains.

See, I ran into Commander Riker in the Deck 2 Forward Bridge Lounge that day. He and I have been acquaintances since he transferred aboard the Enterprise. I've told him about a great loss that I suffered six years ago -- while I was serving aboard my first starship, the USS Eagle (Miranda-class).

The Eagle had been assigned to Colonial Operations -- transporting Federation citizens to new colony worlds. During our mission to transport a few hundred colonists to the site of the New Chicago colony, I fell in love with one of the young female colonists. Her name was Hannah Kearny. We began a romantic relationship that lasted for four years. Of course, it was also a long-distance relationship, with her living on the New Chicago colony, and me serving aboard starship assignments in Starfleet, but we made it work.

In fact, we had already begun talking about me leaving Starfleet to move to New Chicago. And I would have done it too. In a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, two years ago, in 2361, Hannah was killed in a sudden accident in the colony. I was heartbroken, so I took leave from my new assignment aboard the USS Galaxy (Galaxy-class), and went to visit New Chicago to spend some time with Hannah's grieving family. That helped me deal with the loss, but I still missed Hannah. Deeply. And I missed our daily subspace communications.

The ship's counselor aboard the Galaxy encouraged me to use the holodeck to help overcome my broken heart. She encouraged me not to recreate Hannah on the holodeck, but to focus on other (non-sexual) creations that would lessen my feelings of loss.

So.... I created a new character on the holodeck -- a young woman my age, who I named Nevaeh. She was a blonde beauty, the perfect companion that I could talk to. Others might have considered her to be "my fantasy woman", but, she wasn't so much a fantasy, as a companion. A friend. Someone similar to Hannah, who could ease the feelings of loss that I felt for her. And I'll be honest, it worked. From time to time, when I missed Hannah the most, I would go into the holodeck, and spend time with Nevaeh.

When I transferred, here, to the Enterprise, I brought the Nevaeh holocharacter with me, and have spent time with her during my off hours. The more time that passes since the death of Hannah, the less I need to spend time on the holodeck with Nevaeh. In a way, I think I have my new friendships with Tessa Kensington and Cassie Queen to thank for this as well.

Unfortunately -- maybe fortunately, I don't know -- Q-like Commander Riker thought that he could help me. He knew of my Nevaeh holofriend, so he used his supernatural "Q powers" and made her real. Holographic Nevaeh, became real, flesh and blood Navaeh. I now have my private holofriend, walking around aboard the Enterprise, as if she were no different than the rest of the crew. She's as real as anyone else.... and.... I think my friendship with her hologram self, is turning into a deep love for her real self.

The problem is, though, her existence as a real person, challenges my religious faith, and my understanding of reality. I've already begun meeting with Counselor Deanna Troi over this new, real Nevaeh, and I'm sure there will be many more meetings to come. This isn't something you just overcome.

Nevaeh is real now, she's.... beautiful, and perfect.

This attached photo is an image of what she looks like.

I've always been told that space contains many fascinating mysteries. I guess I never expected this to be one of them.

- Lieutenant Sam Archer

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