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Sunday, October 2

In Memory of an Accident

Three days ago, a mine explosion at the underground Quadra Sigma III mining colony caused a deadly methane-like gas to seep out of the mine and into the nearby colony caverns. Unfortunately, that gas was trapped in the caverns, and it killed all but four of the colonists. Those four colonists were rescued by the Enterprise.

Over the past 2-3 days, teams of medical and engineering personnel, wearing hazardous material suits, spent time in the colony caverns. They did not find any other survivors. While down there, they made copies of the colony computer database, and saved a few archived items to bring back to the Enterprise.

Today, Captain Picard ordered that all known access points to the underground colony be permanently sealed, and the colony would be marked as a memorial site to the colonists. Their bodies will forever rest in peace within the colony that they once called home. A memorial probe has also been in orbit to inform all other visitors of the accident that happened here. In addition, the Federation Council has agreed to close Quadra Sigma III to future colonization, and will leave the planet open to approved science teams only. In short, Quadra Sigma III is being abandoned.

With our rescue mission concluded, the Enterprise will be returning to Starbase G-6 within a few hours. Unfortunately, due to the emergency distress call, personnel from the spacial sciences department have missed the weekend opportunity to attend the science conference on Aldebaran III.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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