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Wednesday, October 19

In The Line of Duty

Today was a challenging and emotional day for many of us aboard the USS Enterprise and throughout the Federation.

We arrived at Persephone V, the retirement home of 85-year-old Admiral Mark Jameson and his wife. A moving memorial service was held for the Admiral in the early afternoon, attended by many personnel from the Enterprise, as well as dozens of high-ranking officers, officials, and command brass from the surrounding sectors. Admiral Jameson's body was then buried with full Starfleet honors in a cemetery near his home.

Five days ago, Admiral Jameson had been shot and killed by Karnas, the corrupt leader of Mordan IV. That cold and calloused execution -- in front of Captain Picard, coupled with a de-aging drug that the Admiral was taking, contributed to his death in the Enterprise sickbay less than a half hour later. His body, and his surviving wife were returned home to Persephone V following his untimely execution.

Karnas was also wounded in the event by Starfleet Security, although, reports indicate that the planetary leader has survived, and continues to control the government of Mordan IV. The Federation Council has pulled all support for the independent Mordan IV, no further efforts to reestablish diplomatic ties will be attempted, and the Federation President, as well as a near unanimous chorus of other leaders and diplomats, have condemned Karnas and his Mordanite government.

Three Enterprise Marines were also killed in the first hostage rescue attempt earlier in the mission. Corporal Thomas Keene, Private First Class William Butler, and Private Maxine Wender were also honored at the memorial today. Two other Marines wounded in the rescue attempt remain hospitalized aboard the Enterprise, but are expected to recover.

Federation Ambassador John Hawkins and his staff were successfully rescued from Mordan IV in a second Marine raid. There were no fatalities in that attempt.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the wife of Admiral Jameson, and to the families of the three Marines killed on Mordan IV. The Federation lost four good citizens this week: three Marines, and a long-serving and beloved Admiral. They gave their lives in sacrifice for others. There is no greater sacrifice to be given.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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