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Friday, October 14

De-Aging An Admiral

The mysteries of the universe continue to amaze me. Apparently, there is a drug native to Serapis IV that rejuvinates the body, and reverses the aging process. It is rarely shared with outsiders, and, as a result, is generally unknown to the galaxy. Yet, Admiral Mark Jameson managed to obtain a few doses as compensation during a negotiation earlier in his career.

Unfortunately, within the past week, he has taken an overdose of the drug, with the intention of reclaiming his youth for the hostage negotiations on Mordan IV. The effects of the excessively administered drug appear to be spiraling out of control, and Admiral Jameson is de-aging faster than intended.

As of this post, 85-year-old Admiral Jameson appears to be in his early 30s. By the time we reach Mordan IV within the next few hours, he will likely have de-aged into his teens.

The drug is working, but it is also killing him. His body cannot maintain the speed at which he is de-aging. This will most likely be Admiral Jameson's last hostage negotiation.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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