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Monday, October 3

Commander Riker Returns to the Enterprise

Commander Riker has returned to the Enterprise.

A few days ago, he left the ship with the being known as "Q", after he was given supernatural powers. Those powers quickly went to Riker's head, and corrupted his views toward his friends and fellow officers. Apparently, Q gave the Commander those powers in an attempt to convince him to renounce life as a mortal, and live in the "Q Continuum". They reportedly did this so that Commander Riker would teach them more about humanity.

Unfortunately, the temptation worked; it was too great for Commander Riker, and he left the Enterprise. Captain Picard had no choice but to move forward as if the Commander was no longer part of the Enterprise crew.

Earlier today, however, Commander Riker returned to the Enterprise, expressing deep regret for his choices. He had, according to his statements, come to his senses in the Continuum, renounced his powers as a Q, and realized what he had given up "as a human being and a member of the Enterprise crew". The Continuum sided with Commander Riker, chastised the petulant "Q" entity, and honored the Commander's request.

Commander Riker no longer has the "powers of Q".

Captain Picard, however, was less then pleased. He and Commander Riker had a long conversation in private. In the end, the Commander is being reinstated as First Officer of the Enterprise. He is, however, also receiving an official reprimand, a reduction in pay, and he will be extensively debriefed by Starfleet Command while at Starbase G-6. He also has a number of relationships to mend.

Commander Riker made some poor choices, for which he must accept the consequences, however, he also brings back an immense understanding of the Q Continuum. And that appears to be of great value to Starfleet Command.

- Lieutenant Sam Archer

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