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Monday, October 31

An Enterprise Halloween

Happy Halloween from all of us aboard the Enterprise!

Right now, as I type this, the children of the Enterprise are trick-or-treating on the Deck 10 Promenade. The outer rim of deck 10 contains the shops, lounges, and restaurants (including Ten Forward). It is the commercial nerve center of this Galaxy-class "city in space".

This is actually the first Halloween (aboard the Enterprise) since we left Earth. So, to make it interesting, the children have been invited to stop at each shop, lounge, cafe or restaurant for a treat -- usually a piece of candy, a cookie or a little item reflecting that establishment. The kids dress up in costumes, and deck 10 becomes a mini festival of characters and creativity.

Even the security personnel (there to ensure a safe experience) are dressed up in some way, whether that be a fun hat, a cape, or some other added accessory on their uniforms. And the Enterprise Marines are present too, interacting with the children, and being social.

Even Captain Picard and his senior staff plan to make an appearance, although, not in costume.

If you are aboard the Enterprise right now (as opposed to being on leave down on Aldebaran III), and you have some time, visit deck 10 -- enjoy the festivities. Say hi to the children, and compliment them on their costumes. This is what shipboard culture is all about!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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