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Friday, October 21

A Vessel In Distress

Five hours ago, the Enterprise received a distress call from an unknown vessel one light year from Persephone V. The vessel reported that it was trapped in the gravity well of a spacial anomaly, and was slowly being pulled inside. Starfleet ordered us to respond, at maximum warp -- since were were the nearest starship equipped to handle the rescue.

We arrived on location less than an hour ago. A rescue team led by Commander Riker and Lieutenant Tasha Yar has beamed over to the trapped vessel, and is preparing an evacuation. Time is of the essence, though, as the ship is severely damaged, and slipping closer to the center of the anomaly.

Unfortunately, since we've arrived, the Enterprise has also become trapped in the gravity well. Chief Engineer Argyle thinks we can still pull free (since we aren't as far in as the other ship). He is currently preparing the warp engines for a breakaway maneuver.

Meanwhile, the rest of the ship is awaiting the arrival of the survivors from the unknown ship. Sensors indicate that the crew consists of individuals from a variety of species, including humans. There are about one hundred life signs on board.

There's a lot happening, so stay tuned. We hope to get out of this -- with the survivors -- in one piece.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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