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Friday, October 14

A Mess At Mordan IV

Captain Picard and the USS Enterprise have washed their hands of Mordan IV. We are done with this planet. After today, it is likely that Starfleet and the Federation will be as well.

Two hours ago, Admiral Jameson, and a detachment of Enterprise Marines beamed down to the tunnels of Mordan IV. Unfortunately, they were ambushed and overwhelmed by armored Mordanite soldiers. Three Marines were killed by disruptor fire, four Marines were seriously injured, and Admiral Jameson collapsed in pain during the firefight.

Despite heavy weapons fire, the Marines managed to escape to the Enterprise via emergency transport.

We have since discovered that Karnas, the leader of Mordan IV, is not who he claims to be. He orchestrated the entire hostage situation, and it was he who has been threatening Federation Ambassador John Hawkins and his staff. Apparently, Karnas did all this just to lure Admiral Jameson to Mordan IV, and kill him. The two men appear to have unresolved issues going back 40 years.

After the Marines escaped the underground ambush, Karnas demanded that Admiral Jameson beam down again to negotiate the release of the hostages. Captain Picard, Dr. Beverly Crusher, and three security officers accompanied him to the surface. Regrettably, however, Karnas pulled a disruptor on the Admiral, and shot him in front of Captain Picard. The Starfleet security officers fired back, wounding Karnas, and once again escaped to the Enterprise. Admiral Jameson died in sickbay not long after, the result of both his disruptor wound, and his de-aging process. He looked as though he was 18 years old at the time of his death.

With the help of Lieutenant Commander Data, the Enterprise crew determined the location of the hostages, and a second Marine detachment beamed down, and rescued them. The hostages are presently safe, and unharmed aboard the Enterprise.

A number of small Mordanite combat fighters attempted to attack the Enterprise during the rescue, but they were either destroyed or driven off. With the hostages freed, the Enterprise is returning to Persephone V. Upon arrival, Admiral Jameson will receive an official Starfleet burial near his home, with all honors due his rank and long, illustrious career.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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