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Friday, September 23

New Personal Facebook Pages

The three of us -- Tessa Kensingon, Cassie Queen, and myself, Sam Archer -- now have our own personal Facebook pages.

While the missions, adventures and PR content will continue to be posted from the main USS Enterprise-D page, now you'll be able to get to know the three of us on a more personal level as well -- on our new personal pages. We will each be posting photos, comments, and personal perspectives from our lives aboard the USS Enterprise. You'll even learn a few things about our past histories as well.

If we are going to be your representatives of the missions and adventures of the USS Enterprise-D, we think it will be helpful (and entertaining) to get to know us as friends too.

So take a moment to visit, and like, our personal pages listed below. They are already linked from the Enterprise-D Facebook page. Let's explore space together!

- Lieutenant Sam Archer
- Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington
- Ensign Cassie Queen

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