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Saturday, October 1

Commander Riker and the Powers of the Q

I guess it's true. Commander Riker does have unnatural powers -- "powers of the Q". And, apparently that power has gone to his head, it changed his personality, and has corrupted his views toward his friends and fellow officers.

The bridge reports that this "Q" entity gave Commander Riker these powers in an attempt to convince him to give up his life as a mortal, and live in the "Q Continuum". They did this so that Commander Riker might teach the Q Continuum about humanity.

I regret to inform you, it appears to have worked. Commander Riker has disappeared from the Enterprise, along with "Q". Before he left, though, Commander Riker attempted to bestow "magical" gifts upon a few individuals. Reports indicate that, for a short period of time, he gave the gift of sight to Lieutenant (JG) La Forge, a female Klingon mate to Lieutenant (JG) Worf, and resurrected the deceased parents of Lieutenant Yar. Commander Riker gave Captain Picard a gift as well (the nature of which was not reported), but he declined to accept it. Lieutenant Commander Data also, reportedly, declined the gift of being changed into a living, breathing human being.

Lieutenant La Forge's sight, and the Klingon female disappeared, although, Lieutenant Yar's "parents" have remained in existence.

I was given a gift as well (about an hour earlier), but I'll write about that on my own -- on my Sam Archer Facebook page -- in a day or two. My gift has remained, although, I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do with it.

Three other Enterprise crew members have reportedly been the recipient of Commander RIker's "generosity" before he left the Enterprise -- including our own Lieutenant Tessa Kensington. I'm sure she'll write about her experience later as well.

For now, the Enterprise appears to be without a First Officer (since Commander Riker has left the ship with "Q"). Unless things change, Lieutenant Commander Data is likely to become the acting Enterprise First Officer.

This whole day has become a mess. Hundreds of Federation lives killed as the result of a mining accident on Quadra Sigma III, lives meddled with by this "Q" entity, and a missing Commander Riker.

Honestly, I have no idea what will happen next. I'm done with this day. A lot of us are.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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