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Friday, August 5

The Tkon Empire

The Enterprise has returned to full power. The force field holding us in orbit of Delphi Ardu IV has been shut down.

Commander Riker, the away team, and both shuttles have returned to the ship. According to the mission reports, Commander Riker's shuttle was damaged in an electrical storm, and forced to crash land on the planet's surface. The shuttle crew was knocked out upon impact, and remained unconscious for hours. The second shuttle team that was send down suffered the same fate.

When Commander Riker and his team returned to consciousness, they discovered a barren planet that was "collecting and harnessing energy via a system of crystalline formations". Almost immediately thereafter, they were greeted by a male humanoid figure that materialized out of the energy pulsing through the planet. He introduced himself as Tkon Portal 63, a guardian defending access to the long-dead Tkon Empire.

Apparently, the Portal was not aware that the ancient Tkon Empire no longer existed. After Commander Riker successfully answered the Portal's challenge, he requested that the Enterprise be released from the force field keeping us in orbit. The Portal complied, and power was restored to the Enterprise.

Commander Riker and both shuttles were allowed to leave the planet. The Portal "plans to sleep until needed again."

With this near-death experience resolved, Captain Picard has ordered that a warning beacon be placed in orbit of Delphi Ardu IV. We are returning to normal operations, and will be resuming our study of the Delphi Ardu system. The likelihood of finding more connections to the ancient Tkon Empire remains strong.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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