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Monday, August 29

The Anticans And The Selay

We have arrived at Parliament. The delegates from Antica and Selay are no longer aboard the Enterprise. And you know what, they will not be missed.

For the entire three days that they were aboard our ship, they were at each other's throats -- literally. They tried to hunt each other aboard the Enterprise. They "accidentally" attacked a few Marines that were assigned to keep them out of sensitive areas of the ship. They made unreasonable food demands of Captain Picard (who showed remarkable restraint in return). They threatened three female science officers who did not abide by their customs in Ten Forward. They nearly mauled a young boy after he ran into them in a corridor. And, most disturbing of all, the Anticans killed one of the Selay delegates, and tried to convince the ship's cook to boil the reptilian corpse for dinner.

These delegates did not present themselves well during our transport mission. They were the worst guests imaginable -- rude, selfish, uncaring, demanding, and disgustingly violent towards each other. We wish the Federation mediators luck in their negotiations, but I would not be surprised if the Antican and Selay membership applications are denied. I can't imagine any benefits that these two species would bring to the Federation.

I, myself, did not interact with either species during their time on the Enterprise, yet, I still feel like I need a long shower just to feel clean. I know many other Enterprise crew who feel the same way. This was a horrible mission. I'm ready for a new assignment light years away from these irascible creatures.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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