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Tuesday, August 2

Mission Complete: Posting Resumes

Our classified mission has come to a close. We were under orders from Starfleet Command not to divulge our mission or location. This is the reason for our silence these past two weeks. But all is well again, and we have permission to resume posting.

We are still under orders not to give details, though. We can say that there were a few injuries during that mission: Lieutenant Tasha Yar broke her arm, Commander Riker suffered significant phaser burns, a few other individuals suffered minor injuries, but all individuals are recovering -- there were no fatalities. In addition, the Enterprise Marines were not directly involved in the mission.

The Enterprise has been given her next assignment. We are currently at warp, traveling to the nearby Delphi Ardu System. Starfleet has given us the task of exploring the eleven planets located there. Long distance sensor probe records suggest that there may be ancient ruins located on at least one of the planets. We should be arriving in the Delphi Ardu System sometime tomorrow afternoon.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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