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Sunday, August 21

Missing Enterprise; Missing Days

Time is a fascinating concept. There are few instances of time travel that we know of -- it is extremely rare at best -- but it does happen. Recently, the Enterprise appears to be proof of this.

For the past 13 days (August 7-20), you did not see any posts from us here on the Enterprise. From your perspective, we disappeared. Our daily reports to Starfleet Command went silent; subspace communications stopped. Starfleet thought we were missing. In fact, they have already assigned a starship to come looking for us.

But from our perspective, we've been here in the Delphi Ardu system the entire time. If it weren't for the measurable recording of normal time, to us, the date is still August 7.

But, the Federation's communication beacons have not been tampered with. It is indeed August 21st. After dedicated sensor studies of this star system, our scientists have theorized that we passed through some sort of temporal anomaly that has propelled us 13 days into our future.

This is a small temporal displacement, at best -- certainly nothing that has adversely affected the general flow of time. Nonetheless, all of us, here aboard the Enterprise, have lost 13 days of our lives. Learning how to how to combine our perspective with your 13 days is proving to be a bit disconcerting.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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