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Friday, August 26

Hostile Delegates

The USS Enterprise has arrived in the Beta Renner system, and we have beamed aboard delegates from the two major planets -- Antica and Selay. Since achieving warp capability, the Anticans and Selay have become mortal enemies, fighting each other at every opportunity. Yet, ironically, they have both applied to become member planets in the UFP.

To facilitate these membership requests, and to encourage a resolution of their hostilities, the Enterprise has been assigned to transport delegates from both planets to Parliament, a local peace conference site in this sector. Federation mediators will be waiting there to assist, and assess the possibility of membership.

For us, though, here aboard the Enterprise, it's going to be a challenging transport mission. Playing chaperone to two mortal enemies, on the same ship, who want nothing more than to kill each other, doesn't sound like an easy task.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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