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Wednesday, August 3

Delphi Ardu IV

The USS Enterprise has arrived in orbit above Delphi Ardu IV, an uninhabited class-M planet. There are ten other planets in this system, all of which are uninhabited as well. Sensor scans show what appears to be abandoned ruins on at least three of them, including the one we are orbiting.

Unfortunately, we've encountered an obstacle here in orbit. An energy force field of some sort has immobilized the Enterprise, and is draining power from all systems. In addition, an external force has accessed our computer core and is reading our databases. Security measures are ineffective.

Our warp and impulse engines are also ineffective.

We're trapped in orbit, operating at red alert. Engineering is scrambling to keep the ship operational. Whatever holds us here, is doing so at power levels we have never seen before.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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