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Wednesday, August 3

Delphi Ardu IV: Trapped In Orbit

Captain Picard and his senior staff have determined that Delphi Ardu IV was once part of the ancient and long-dead Tkon Empire. Research indicates that the Tkon were a vast, powerful, and highly advanced interstellar empire -- an empire that is claimed to have had the ability to move stars.

Unfortunately, the Tkon homeworld was destroyed a few millennia ago by a supernova. Commander Data believes that it may be ancient Tkon technology that has trapped the Enterprise in orbit above Delphi Ardu IV. Captain Picard has ordered an away team to travel down to the planet surface, and see if they can find, and disable, the source of the power-drain. Unfortunately, with the power drains afflicting the Enterprise, the transporter systems are unstable. The away team will have to go down in a shuttlecraft.

We hope Commander Riker and his away team are able to accomplish their mission quickly. It will be very unpleasant here on the Enterprise if/when life support drops to dangerous levels.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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