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Sunday, July 3

Where No One Has Gone Before

Wow! What an amazing past 24 hours it has been!

Peter Kosinski's warp tests on the Enterprise have been both an awe-inspiring success, and an utter and complete failure.

To begin with, something unpredictable happened during the initial test, and the Enterprise was propelled 2.7 milion light years away from our position alongside the USS Fearless. Yes, MILLION! The star charts indicate that we were sent to the "M-33 Galaxy" -- two entire galaxies away from our own!

Oh how thrilling it would have been to have stayed that far out, and explored the area a bit. But, alas, and rightly so, Captain Picard opted to have Kosinski repeat his calculations, and return us to our initial coordinates in the Federation.

Unfortunately, our attempt to return home backfired, and we were sent one BILLION light years in the other direction. That part of the universe, as you can see in this photo, was even MORE beautiful. And, apparently, that far out, what you think about, becomes real. Many of our crew had some personal experiences that you would never believe. I don't know where we were -- some nebula, perhaps -- but that place was.... it was beyond words.

We soon found out, though, that it wasn't Kosinski that sent us out there. He had nothing to do with our warp travels. It was his assistant, a man from the far distant Tau Alpha-C, who called himself, "The Traveler". He has the amazing ability to focus thought like a lens, and he uses that ability to explore the galaxy. We were lucky to experience the result of his abilities.

Of course, we couldn't stay that far out either, so, with great effort, "The Traveler" managed to return us to our coordinates near the Fearless. But the exhaustion of his effort also caused him to disappear -- to phase out, as Commander Riker reported in his official log entry. We were back where we started, but we also have plenty of sensor data from both distant locations to keep Starfleet busy for weeks!

As for Peter Kosinski, his work with Starfleet warp propulsion probably came to end. He lied to Starfleet, and claimed to be something he is not. Command isn't likely to appreciate that. But "The Traveler", on the other hand -- if he hadn't disappeared, I think many in Starfleet would have loved to get to know him -- and his species -- a whole lot better!

Yes, it has been an amazing 24 hours. I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything that we experienced. I will say this, though, THAT is why most of us joined Starfleet -- to explore space. To seek out new life, and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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