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Monday, July 11

Repairs At Deyos Station

The USS Enterprise has arrived at Deyos Station, a non-aligned repair facility, to undergo a few minor repairs following our propulsion experiences with The Traveler. The Enterprise experienced damage to its warp engines as well as a number of areas on the external hull. The drydocks at Deyos Station are too small to accommodate a Galaxy-class starship, but we have negotiated parking beneath the station for full servicing.

The repair process is expected to take about a week. In the meantime, families and crew (those not participating in repairs) have been granted leave to visit the station.

Deyos Station is not a large facility, but it does contain a variety of entertainment options including: a casino and gaming hall run by a boisterous Romulan, Parrises Squares courts, a moderate-sized shopping center, a galactic frontier museum, and private rental holosuites. Temporary lodgings are available in separate residential structures.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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