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Friday, July 15

Deyos Station: Parrises Squares Tournament

Earlier today, Lieutenant (JG) Tessa Kensington and myself competed in a Parrises Squares competition on Deyos Station.

Tessa, myself, Lieutenant Tasha Yar, and two other Enterprise personnel made up Enterprise Blue, one of three teams from the USS Enterprise. Lieutenant (JG) Worf, our resident Klingon officer, was team captain of Enterprise Red.

Our team, Enterprise Blue, did well, but we were ultimately knocked out of the competition. We won our first match, defeating team Deyos Green. They had a rather tough-playing Bolian that almost sent us to a loss (and almost broke Tessa's arm too -- unintentionally, of course). But we recovered, and won by seven points. Lieutenant Yar has a mean arm, scoring twice from the top of the pyramid!

Unfortunately, we were trounced by team Deyos Black. There wasn't much we could do against a retired Starfleet Marine, an extraordinarily athletic Vulcan trader, and a brawny Klingon. But, there is still hope in bringing home bragging rights -- Lieutenant Worf's team Enterprise Red will be challenging Deyos Black tomorrow afternoon. Tessa and I will be watching from the bleachers. It should prove to be a thrilling game!

Come join us. 1400 hours in the Deyos Station Parrises Squares arena on deck 5.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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