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Saturday, June 11

Vaccine Acquired; Vendetta Resolved

Our Enterprise Marines returned to the ship earlier today with the much needed vaccine for Styris IV. It was taken by force, after Ligonian leader, Lutan, ordered war upon the Enterprise for not allowing him to force Lieutenant Yar to be his wife. Five Marines were injured in the operation, but they will all survive. There were no Marine casualties.

We can't say the same for the Ligonians. Their combat personnel were not as well-trained as our soldiers, and many were wounded or killed. Lutan, is among the dead. He has been replaced by his royal wife -- who inherits the throne of Ligon II in his absence.

After assuming power, she has halted all attacks on the Enterprise and its crew, and has negotiated peace and cooperation with Captain Picard. She has provided us with all of the vaccine that we need. We have, in return, offered medical assets to help those who were wounded in Lutan's vendetta.

The Enterprise is now on its way -- at high warp -- to deliver the vaccine to Styris IV.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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