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Thursday, June 2

The Day After Intoxication

For those reading this, I need to apologize.

Yesterday, the Enterprise was "infected" by a mutated form of the Psi 2000 virus -- also known as the "polywater intoxication". While I don't remember most of yesterday, there is certainly enough evidence to indicate that I said and did a few things that were unbecoming of a Starfleet officer. I realize most of the crew was affected, and it wasn't something we could control, but still, I feel guilty for my actions, and I need to apologize to anyone that I may have hurt. I am the face -- a representative -- of the USS Enterprise, and I failed in presenting this ship in a positive light.

I am sorry.

While I wasn't involved in the following actions yesterday, five Enterprise crew members did lose their lives in all this -- two, apparently, were murdered, while the other three were the result of self-inflicted actions. Many personnel were injured in a variety of activities, emotions ran high, shame was abundant, and, I'm sure plenty of children were conceived. It wasn't a good start for the Enterprise or its reputation, and it will, no doubt, be a busy week for the JAG office.

But, on the plus side, everyone aboard the Enterprise has been treated and cured of this intoxication. Aside from the lingering consequences of this.... incident, life aboard the Enterprise is returning to normal.

On behalf of the PR office, and the crew of the USS Enterprise, I apologize for the actions and conduct observed aboard the USS Enterprise yesterday.

If there are any concerns from Starfleet Command, other personnel, or anyone aboard the Enterprise, we are available to address them. Please feel free to contact our office, or the office of Commander William Riker to set up a meeting.

Thank you.

-Lieutenant Samuel Archer

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