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Friday, June 17

Starfleet Marine Uniforms, 2350-2365

Introduced in 2350 (alongside the standard Starfleet duty uniforms), these one-piece black jumpsuits are standard issue for all Starfleet Marine personnel. Field variations include a combat vest for added carrying capacity.

The shoulders of this uniform feature a gray and white disruptive digital camouflage design. Black collared undershirts are worn beneath the jumpsuit, and offset these gray shoulders. Unit patches are worn on the left sleeve. Rank patches are worn on the right sleeve. The Starfleet insignia combadge is worn on the left breast.

These uniforms open/close in the front, and are adaptable for away missions, including pockets to store tools, documents or other necessary small devices. Black protective helmets are worn in all ground combat situations.

The Marine dress uniform features a wrap-over black jacket with blue-gray quilted shoulders. A black belt is worn over a red sash, with matching red stripes on the cuff. Hard-framed service caps are worn in formal situations. Dress shoes are worn instead of standard duty combat boots.

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