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Wednesday, June 1

Psi 2000 Virus: Under The Influence

:: This polymer-, polywa-, whatever, is loose all over the ship. But I don't mind. It makes me so happy! I feel so free.... no chains to hold me back. I like it! No, I lurrrve it!

There are so many pretty things on this ship -- pretty walls, pretty stars outside the windows.... pretty.... pretty girls.

Oh, Oh! You know, speaking of pretty... there's this one really pretty girl that I really like. Shhh, don't tell her. Her name is Tessa. I think I love her. I don't know if she loves me back, but I suppose I could go ask her. Right? Oooh! Maybe she'll kiss me! That would be.... that would be.... oh, yeah.... that would be amaaaazing! Have you ever been kissed by a pretty girl?

Yeah, I'm going to go find Tessa.

Maybe she's down in the dolphin tanks on deck 13 swimming with Aszalla. Naked! Haha! Naked. I bet Captain Picard would be mad about that. He doesn't like people swimming in the dolphin tanks.

I wonder if Sakkaan stopped crying yet? Vulcans never cry. Well, except this one. He's really sad. I think he lost his.... lost his..... I don't know, He lost something, I can't remember what it is.

Maybe Cassie can find it for him.

I'm going to go find my Tessa. I need a hug.


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