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Friday, June 3

Lingering Effects

The USS Enterprise remains on station alongside the SS Tsiolkovsky following the polywater intoxication. The deceased crew of the Tsiolkovsky are being prepared for transport back to Earth, while the ship awaits the arrival of a Starfleet tug that will tow it to the nearest Starbase.

Aboard the Enterprise, we are returning to normal operations. A number of legal hearings are scheduled for select Enterprise crew following the intoxication, but everyone else appears to be cured and recovering nicely. It will likely be a while before all of the lingering effects of the incident are behind us.

In meantime, we continue to monitor the nearby collapsing star; various explosive corona events have proven to be a treasure trove of scientific data.

We are scheduled to depart these coordinates tomorrow, when the Starfleet relief vessels arrive.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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