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Friday, June 10

Ligonian Treachery

Well, that took a turn for the unexpected.

Apparently, down on the planet, Captain Picard honored the Ligonian code requiring him to ask -- respectfully -- for the return of Lieutenant Yar. Unfortunately, the stubborn Ligonian leader, Lutan, betrayed his own cultural requirements, and refused. He appears to have become smitten with Lieutenant Yar, and selfishly intended to force her to be his wife.

Lutan's current royal wife, disagreed, and demanded the right to challenge Lieutenant Yar to a fight to the death -- with the winner earning the right to be Lutan's wife.

Captain Picard refused to allow the challenge, and demanded the return of Lieutenant Yar. Lutan, in response, became angry, and declared that there would be no vaccine for the Federation, and he forbid the return of Lieutenant Yar under any circumstances.

Captain Picard appears to have had enough by this point. He contacted the Enterprise, and he, Lieutenant Commander Troi, and Lieutenant Yar beamed up to the ship.

Lutan then hailed the Enterprise, declaring war on Captain Picard and the Enterprise for defying his royal wishes. He sent a few of his planetary defense ships to attack the Enterprise but they were no match for the ship's firepower, and withdrew.

Following the attack, Captain Picard informed Lutan that he would respond in kind, and ordered the Marines stationed aboard the Enterprise to take the vaccine by force. At the moment -- right now -- the Enterprise Marines are on the planet securing and obtaining the vaccine. We've received reports of combat, but no word yet on the status of the operation.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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