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Thursday, June 23

Events at Planet Haven

To the joy of some, and the sadness of others, there will be no wedding of Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi and her bonded mate, Wyatt Miller. The wedding tomorrow has been called off.

Earlier today, a Terellian Plague ship attempted to make landfall at Haven. As most of us are aware, the Terellian Plague is highly contagious, and has unintentionally wiped out the populations of many planets. For this reason, Terellians are considered to be highly dangerous, and most have been hunted down and killed before they could infect others with their disease. This vessel today appears to have escaped that fate.

In order to protect the population of Haven, and to follow an unusual lifelong compulsion, Wyatt Miller has beamed over to the Terellian ship. He hopes that he, a doctor, can cure them. By doing so, however, he is now infected with their disease, and cannot return to the Enterprise, or Haven. As a result, Commander Troi has been released from her bonding vows.

We respect Wyatt Miller's choice, and we wish him well in his endeavor. However, we also know that many in the Federation have tried for years to cure the Terellian Plague, and none have yet succeeded. Mr. Miller has a long road ahead of him.

With the Terellian encounter resolved, and Commander Troi absolved of her childhood bonding vows, the crew of the Enterprise turns its attention back to our leave. We have a few more days here at Haven, after which we will resume our Starfleet assignments. Rumor has it that even Captain Picard himself will be enjoying some of the weekend on the planet.

For now, all appears to be as it should be. No disease, no epidemic, no unexpected wedding. Just leave, as we had originally planned.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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