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Wednesday, June 8

Diplomacy At Ligon II

The USS Enterprise has arrived at the independent warp-capable Ligonian homeworld, Ligon II. Our mission is to obtain a rare vaccine needed to cure the deadly outbreak of Anchilles Fever on the Federation planet, Styris IV.

The inhabitants of Ligon II are very similar to old Earth tribes native to Africa. They are driven by honor, respect, and a long history of rituals and traditions.

Captain Picard has invited a delegation of Ligonian leaders aboard the Enterprise, and they are currently conversing in a VIP lounge. They have given the Enterprise a sample of the vaccine. Rumor has it that, in return, Captain Picard is presenting them with a gift of a rare ancient Chinese horse statue.

We hope the diplomacy taking place right now leads to a quick transfer of the necessary vaccine. Styris IV is already estimating the deaths -- without the vaccine -- to be in the millions. We certainly cannot allow that to happen.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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