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Sunday, May 29

Welcome Aboard The USS Enterprise-D!

Alright Federation, let's do this!

Welcome aboard the new USS Enterprise, Galaxy-class starship, Starfleet registry, NCC-1701-D. Launched from Earth McKinley Station less than two months ago, we are the the new flagship of Starfleet, and the fifth starship to carry the name, Enterprise.

Big shoes.... big ship!

My name is Sam Archer -- I'm one of the Public Relations officers aboard this new vessel. It will be my job, along with my colleagues, to represent the Enterprise to the rest of the Federation. We are the public face of this ship. We will be reporting on ship news, missions, updates, even shipboard life. If it relates to the Enterprise, and can be shared with the public, it comes through our office.

As such, you'll be getting to know all of us rather well in the coming weeks and months. We'll all be posting content, both here, and on our official Facebook page. Be kind; aside from our department head, Lieutenant Commander Sakkaan, this is the first PR posting for all of us. To say we're a little excited would be an understatement, but we're definitely up to the challenge.

Big ship..... big shoes!

For now, feel free to familiarize yourself with our website, our Facebook page, this beautiful ship. Read through our recent posts, take a video tour of the Enterprise..... or click on our short biography/photo links on the right-hand column. There's plenty of content to get you started. But it's just the tip of the iceberg. We're here, we're online -- we're ready to go!

Welcome aboard the Enterprise!

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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