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Monday, May 30

Memorial Day, 2363

Today, on Earth, in the United States of America (one of the nations of United Earth), 350 million Americans celebrate Memorial Day, a day that honors national military veterans who gave their lives in defense of their country. While established as a national holiday after the American Civil war 500 years ago, today, this day honors American soldiers who gave their lives in all wars, including the Eugenetics Wars, WWIII, the Earth-Romulan War of the 2160s, and the more recent Federation conflicts, including the Cardassian War(s).

The United States has a strong history and tradition of military service, both in defense of the United States itself, and as support personnel in defense of Earth. A large majority of personnel serving in Starfleet today are American citizens; and millions more, born on Federation colony planets, can trace their ancestry to the United States. I, myself, am an American citizen, as are many living here aboard the Enterprise. So, it seems appropriate that we stop and remember those American service men and women who have -- and still do -- sacrifice for the defense of Earth.

There was once, back in the 21st century, an American musician named Trace Adkins, who wrote a song titled, "Till The Last Shot's Fired", in honor of his nation's veterans. That song has, over the centuries that followed, become a haunting tribute to the fallen. I share that here, today, as we reflect upon those millions of American's who gave their lives so that Freedom, Liberty, and peace could prevail.

And while we honor those American sacrifices, today, we also reflect upon the millions more, from other nations on Earth, as well as the greater Federation as a whole, who have also done the same. History is full of moments of selfless decision, determined sacrifice, and sheer force of will for the safety, protection, and betterment of others. Americans -- Humans -- have led the way in the forging of peace and security, but the sacrifices of other planets in this same cause are no less honorable.

Today we remember those fallen. Today we remember how their sacrifices -- their choices to remain in harm's way "until the last shot's fired" -- have secured peace and unity on Earth and across the Federation. Today we play taps, we salute the fallen, we lower flags in respect.... we visit the graves of veterans. We remember what it took to forge the peace we enjoy today.

-Lieutenant Sam Archer

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